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Title: SOA at The Open Group Conference in Washington
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Monday July 17

14:00-17:30 See the SOA track on the conference program.

Wednesday July 18

18:00-19:30 BoF on Open Group Initiatives for Security and the Cloud – A Collaborative Planning Session

In this session we will look at what The Open Group has delivered in the Cloud Security area and at the current and envisaged activities in various Forums and Work Groups to take this work further - including the Security for the Cloud and SOA project. We’re seeking input from participants on which security-related activities are most relevant for them. All ideas are welcome in the discussion – including things not currently in any declared programme of work items.

During the session we’ll evaluate the priorities and create brief descriptions of all agreed goals. We want to put together a well-coordinated, feasible plan for the next year and we seek active participation. Anyone who can contribute either to defining the requirements and/or developing the deliverables is very welcome.

Questions that will be addressed include:

  • What are the challenges people face working in the Cloud and what can the Open Group do to address them?
  • What is being done elsewhere?
  • Should we be contributing to that work?

The current Open Group activities that will be considered include:

Thursday July 19

09:00-10:30 Open meeting on Interoperability.

This meeting will enable interested delegates to find out about the Open Group's interoperabilitywork groups: the Work Groups on SOA, Cloud Computing, and Semantic Interoperability. It will describe their composition, way of working, completed work, and current projects, and will include a discussion on their forward direction.

  1. Introduction
  2. The SOA Work Group
    • Completed work
    • SOA for Business Technology
    • Security for the Cloud and SOA
  3. The Cloud Work Group
    • Completed work
    • Cloud Computing Reference Architecture (CCRA)
    • Cloud Business Artefacts
    • TOGAF for Cloud Ecosystems (TOGAF-CE)
    • Cloud Interaction Ecosystem Language (CIEL)
    • Cloud Computing Interoperability and Portability
    • Cloud Governance
  4. The Semantic Interoperability Work Group
    • The Universal Data Element Framework (UDEF) project
  5. Discussion on future direction of the Interoperability Work Groups.

11:00-12:30 Open Group Interoperability input to ISO.

The Open Group is a recognised Publicly Available Specification (PAS) submitter to ISO. The ISO committee most relevant to our interoperability work is ISO SC38, Distributed Application Platform & Services (DAPS), which focuses on Web Services, SOA and Cloud. The Open Goup Service Integration Maturity Model (OSIMM) has beein input to ISO under the PAS process and approved as an International Standard (ISO/IEC 16680:2012). The Open Group SOA Governance Framework has been input and is currently moving through the PAS process. The SOA Reference Architecture and the SOA Ontology have been input to SC38, not under the PAS process, but as material for discussion by ISO in its work on an SOA reference architecture.

This meeting will review the current state of work related to SOA and Cloud Computing in ISO, and:

  • Formulate comments on the ISO Cloud Terminology work (30 minutes)
  • Formulate high-level comments on the proposed ISO Cloud Reference Architecture (60 minutes)

Work Group members should refer to the Cloud WG and ISO Cloud wiki page for further information on this topic.

14:00-14:30 Open Group Interoperability input to ISO (continued).

  • Discuss the changes to the SOA RA being considered by ISO and, in particular, the proposed Development Layer.

14:30-17:30 Cloud Interaction Ecosystem Language (CIEL) Workshop.

The Cloud Interaction Ecosystem Language (CIEL) is a notation for describing the interaction of Cloud in a simple language aimed for use by business users and IT vendors or in-house IT departments to explain and visualize cloud concepts and services easily.

CIEL is a graphical notation is based on a conceptual analysis of cloud computing. The CIEL project team has created a draft that includes:

  • A well-developed explanation of the concepts, and
  • A CIEL model example for the "Night in the clouds" Business scenario that is based on the cloud security white paper.

The workshop will review the draft and aim to achieve Work Group consensus on the conceptual analysis and graphical notation.

Friday July 20

09:00-10:30 Cloud Business Metrics.

This session will discuss recent work on metrics in the Cloud Business Artifacts project. It will consist of a presenation of the work, followed by a discussion.

The discussion will include relevance of these metrics to the SOA for Business Technology (SOA4BT) project.

11:00-12:30 Services Vocabulary.

The Open Group has a published technical standard ontology for SOA, and a published technical standard SOA Reference Architecture. There are however conflicting uses of service terminology in other Open Group standards, notably TOGAF and Archimate.

This session will review the differences in terminology, attempt to resolve the conflicting usages, and flag any areas where resolution appears not to be possible.

All members of the Architecture and Archimate Forums are invited to participate.

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