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The Open Group produces standards and guides for use by enterprise architects working with Service-Oriented Architecture. This website contains materials that provide context and background, including tutorials, presentations, and webinars.

You can browse the standards and guides themselves in the SOA Source Book or download them free of charge from The Open Group Bookstore.

Visit our discussion forum to ask questions about the standards, see what others have said, find out what has been rated as most valuable, add your own comments and suggestions, and ask questions.

Everyone can view the discussion forum. To post to it, you must be a member of the soa-standards email list. This list is free for anyone to join. You can do so here. Once you have joined the list, it typically takes a couple of hours for your access permission to become effective. You can then log in to the web forum.

Agenda Edinburgh  
25-Aug-15 (latest change) 2 Documents
01-May-12 (latest change) 2 Documents
14-Jun-12 (latest change) 5 Documents
16-Jan-13 (latest change) 1 Documents
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