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Title: Suramadu Initial code drop from JPL version 0.3
Version: 0.3
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Description: This is the inital code drop on the Open Group's Suramadu collaboration site.

The Suramadu Benchmarking Framework and Suite represents a distillation of research performed on the Real Time Specification for Java (RTSJ) by the Golden Gate team at Jet Propulsion Laboratories during the 2003 – 2004 time frame. From extensive focused and application benchmark testing, a suite of such tests has been developed along with a framework in which to mount such tests. Because of the unique nature of memory management in the RTSJ, certain practices and patterns have been captured, and codified in a methodology and programming environment that facilitates swift development of benchmarking tests with a minimum of interaction with the internals of the RTSJ itself.

The philosophy behind Suramadu is to allow the test designer to write benchmarks in an environment that is as much as possible RTSJ independent. In other words, unless the test designer chooses to explicitly reference classes defined in the RTSJ, no references will exist in the resulting code at compile time or at run time.

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Status: Final
Created by: j.spaulding on 06-Apr-06
Updated by: j.spaulding on 06-Apr-06
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