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Title: UDEF Project Charter
Version: 1.0

Charter for The Open Group UDEF Project


The UDEF Project


The aim of the UDEF Project is to support the Universal Data Element Framework (UDEF), which is a framework for standard machine-actionable semantics that enables the interoperability of disparate data schema. The UDEF Project is a project of the Semantic Interoperability Working Group of The Open Group.


The vision of the UDEF Project is that:

  • The UDEF is established as the universally-used classification system for data element concepts;
  • Metadata management products generally support the UDEF;
  • Enterprise applications and systems leverage the UDEF;
  • The scope of the UDEF trees includes data element concepts commonly encountered in e-commerce and other information domains;
  • Mappings are defined to the UDEF from all relevant metadata standards;
  • There is a global UDEF registry and repository for the UDEF trees themselves and for mappings to the UDEF from other classification systems.


The mission of the UDEF Project is to realize that vision, by:

  • Developing and maintaining the UDEF as an open standard;
  • Advocating and promoting the UDEF;
  • Ensuring that the appropriate technical, legal, and commercial frameworks are in place for the operation of the registry and repository, including:
    • Technical infrastructure, standards and procedures for making additions to the UDEF trees and for their use, and
    • Legal agreements and (where appropriate) commercial terms for use of the UDEF IP by end-user companies, product vendor companies, and standards bodies;
  • Ensuring that the appropriate training programs and materials are available; and
  • Ensuring that the appropriate promotional materials and programs are in place.


The role of the UDEF Project is to:

  • Be the executive decision-making body for the activities required to fulfill the mission;
  • Identify resources for the activities required to fulfil the mission, and advise The Open Group on their application; and
  • Perform some of the activities required to fulfil the mission.


The following is the key milestone that is currently envisaged.

  • The Project aims to achieve its vision by 2010, and to maintain an ongoing steady state thereafter.
Created by: c.harding on 20-Feb-07
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