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Title: 2011 Thanksgiving Trip to Southport, NC and Hilton Head, SC
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Hi everyone,


Click Here for some photographs of our 2011 Thanksgiving trip to Hilton Head.  Had an opportunity to network with neighbors and time-share owners regarding kids, extracurricular activities and the lax building codes since Sep 11, which have continued to play a big role in the increasing weather fluctuations and power outages along the East Coast, especially with the recent earthquake that hit Mineral, VA.


Too bad that none of you could make it the 2009 Thanksgiving friends and family reunion at Hilton Head. What I had sent you earlier would have prevented issues like this from happening. It would have allowed various companies databases to be integrated with the USPS databases for eg. When a person relocates across states/countries, this would automatically update their addresses within the financial portfolios in various companies using e-signatures with the right security & privacy requirements. It would also allow post office vans to update EMR of various homes & its residents as these vans pass their homes using wireless Continua standards with public/private clouds. This would have helped create a level of performance & security that otherwise would not be possible. I’m currently discussing this with a few other global companies as part of an academic prototype that could be used at the upcoming UK Olympics. It would have created jobs and help fill out the space and facilities that Ashraf and Starent had bought after the 2009 .9 billion acquisition by Cisco. I haven't heard back from Ashraf recently, so hope all is well with his family


Imagine what could be done by USPS (in my e-mail below) if instead of the vans they began to use Airplane that flies like a Bird as people migrate to different places whether it be for weather or medical reasons. The recent article in Sports Illustrated would also help create more evidence for what Stanford is currently doing (see attachment) and could be replicated across USA/India through the planned academic prototypes. I've followed up with a CTP friend of mine to see if we could build upon the UID work he had done while in India as a member of Nilekani's dream team, and whether Nilekani was interested in my patents and prototype. As part of the contribution that you have made to BU for cancer research, we could also get more evidence on the Pakistan Hanza Valley mineral-laden water and how much it helps with issues like migraine, cancer etc. If you know anyone else who might be interested in my ongoing Richmond 2.0 work with vibration powered batteries, chip embedded shoes with iphones, blood monitoring devices, On*Star etc to address issues like cancer, terrorism or climate change, let me know.


While at Hilton Head, We discussed issues like who should we be really blessing for our Thanksgiving meals today – the money that is being spent from taxes, pension plans, social security, payroll etc are all coming from the stimulus package which is basically money borrowed from the next generation – in affect we need to be blessing the kids of the not so wealthy who are paying for everyone’s daily expenses. It is not unlike dowry system that was abolished many years ago in India where several generations had to pay for the expenses of their parents who went into bondage to the moneylenders – financial banking systems across the world that have basically eroded capitalism are modern versions of the same.


My patents and ongoing work with FIRST/NASA etc demonstrate that every individual, group, department in an organization is a microcosm of that organization, whether the organization be a family, company or country. The Rishis used something similar for Ayurveda (Food as medicine which predates modern medicine by 5000 years), where the microcosm of an individual was built on 5 basic elements – space, air, water, fire, earth. Feng Shui uses the same w.r.t homes and cities and the book Come Alive provides analogies to tornadoes, hurricanes and mineral soil depletion taking place in our bodies to that of what is going on in planet earth. There must be some truth to all of this since both blood and planet earth are 98% water. Unique UDEF labels would have provide us the key to help us better understand the mysteries of our universe while finding a cure for cancer or terrorism.


Reading about the rising economic deficits in USA and the breakdown of our financial systems worldwide in Business week, I couldn’t help but wonder how much further we as a nation and world as a whole could have been had even a fraction of my recommendations been implemented by Ben Bernanke as part of the National IT Roadmap. Adolf Hitler and Ben Bernanke do have at least one thing in common - they were both voted to Time Magazine Man of the Year. It is truly a crisis when people like him are allowed to advise both Republicans and Democrat Presidents alike.  By now, we could have even had something significant to celebrate the Fed’s centennial celebrations, by playing the song “Imagine” by John Lennon, instead of discussing rumors and conspiracy theories like the real reason why the Fed didn’t allow the cross-country academic prototype across USA/India which could have prevented the ’08 T’giving terrorist attack in Mumbai - trillion worth of natural elements in Afghanistan that is used for making cell phones, batteries etc. 


I'm currently interviewing at a few companies for full-time hands-on consulting opportunities with an option to trade my patents and prototype for relocation expenses. The Bi-Directional Governance & Life-Cycle Management and Certification Pre-Screen Qs  url provides some additional details on what I have mentioned here. I'm also working on publishing a book based upon my personal experiences and am trying to get people like Fareed Zakaria involved with the same. If you know anyone who is looking for someone with my background either on a full-time or advisory level, please have them contact me. 



Hope everyone had a safe Thanksgiving,



Aslam Handy


PS Looks like the lax federal reserve standards have permeated the very fabric of American society (see e-mail below). It should be of interest to your families as well as the lawyer friends with whom you had shared my earlier e-mails with. I’ve also submitted my Richmond 2.0 work to Steven Spielberg who is here making a movie on Abraham Lincoln as well as a Vincent School friend whose art work has made it to the Indian Prime Minister (google Juhi Chawla and Bharat Tripathi). Juhi Chawla's dress is not unlike what Joyce is wearing in her Facebook profile. 

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