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Read our latest White Paper! It introduces the vision of The Open Group IoT Work Group, explains its scope and definition of IoT, its emergence, and how its development and acceptance will be assured under the auspices of The Open Group.

Check out the recording of our webinar in which Professor Kary Främling talks about Architecture and Interoperability Standards for the Internet of Things, and describes the Open Group Open Data Format and Open Messaging Interface standards.

The Internet of Things Work Group is a work group of the Open Plaform 3.0 Forum.

Embedding sensors and controls in Internet-accessible devices enables a vast range of software applications that interact with the environment. In particular, it enables lifecycle management of products in a manner that is a quantum leap beyond what was possible previously. The Internet of Things Work Group is defining standards for lifecycle management in the Internet of Things. Their scope greatly exceeds product lifecycle management, exploiting common information exchange technologies to embrace other lifecycles including healthcare, supply chain and logistics, food, beverage, pharmaceutical pedigree and traceability, among many others.

The first two standards are for a generic Data Format and Messaging Interface. They were published by The Open Group in October 2014. The Work Group is now developing more specific standards for lifecycle management of physical products.

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Work Group Chair: Kary Främling Aalto University
Forum Director: Chris Harding The Open Group

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