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Welcome to The Open Group Collaboration Server.

This server hosts the collaboration websites for all of the activities of The Open Group.

In order to access these sites, it is necessary to login. If you do not have a login, you can register for one here.

The Open Group also hosts a number of public projects for which there is no requirement to be a member of the The Open Group in order to participate. They do still require you to login in order to actively participate.

Once you have a username and are logged in, you may use the My Open Group button to manage your interactions with The Open Group.

This will give access to:

  • the Manage My Activities button to gain access to those areas in which you have an interest, and for which your organization has membership entitlements.
  • the Manage My Mailing Lists button to manage your mailing list subscriptions
  • the Manage My Profile button to update your profile and other perform account-related functions.
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