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Title: Toronto RTES Forum Agenda
Version: Near Final
The Toronto RTES Forum meeting recap -- ---- Monday 20 July is focused Open Architecture with the theme 'Dependability through Assuredness' featuring presentations from the Department of Defense (Canada), the Modular Open Systems Approach from the US DoD and software assurance activities supporting the US Air Force Research Laboratory.In addition we will explore how to test for the key types of errors that are most exploited during cyber attacks. Finally we will look at what might be involved in transporting a TOGAF generated Architecture to the hardware and software platforms so as to take advantage of the open source tools being developed to support SAE's AADL and Formal Methods. This effort should result in a complete tool chain – requirements, high level architecture, down through the different architecture views, tie in to AADL at the platform (hardware and software), ability to move artifacts from one level to the next without translation, traceability back to the requirements at each level and with formal methods to provide sufficient evidence. ----- On Tuesday 21 July we will explore developing a Cyber Security Solution based on a MILS Architecture to include component integration, compositional certification, formal methods and a commercial approach to evaluation and certification. ------Wednesday 22 July will be MILS day with detailed updates on the progress being made. Included will be a look at the current SKPP to see if the use of multicore processors requires an update or a new SKPP. There will be an update on recent meetings with the NSA, NATO, EDA and the EC concerning the need for a commercial approach to evaluation and certification based on commercial PPs.---------Thursday morning 23 July will be dedicated to a Members meeting for the RTES Forum.---------Thursday afternoon 23 July will be the kick off for the Secure Mobile Architecture Work Group looking at specifications for real-time environments supporting SCADA, Medical Devices, Intelligent Transportation Systems and potential Assurance Protection Profiles.--------- Friday 24 July -- no meetingNote: The JSR 302 SC RT JAVA Expert Group will meet in parallel 20-23 July
Attachments: pdf Toronto_RTES_Forum_recap_agenda_v2_as_of_18_July_2009.pdf  
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