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The main activities in this work area have been to establish a set of test and certification programs

  • The initial project developed test suites for the POSIX Real-time amendments (1003.1d,1j,1q) with deliverables made in 3Q2000, these have been subsequently incorporated into the test suites for the Austin Group specifications (POSIX 1003.1-2001 and its corrigenda, and the UNIX 03 certification program).
  • Phase two development added tests for the POSIX 1003.13-1998 profiles (notably PSE52:1998 and PSE54:1998).
  • Recent developments have included adding a PSE54:2003 test suite and a certification program.

Recent News  
21-Oct-04 Call for Participation: PSE54:2003 test development and certification program

Recent Documents  
18-May-07 POSIX and Linux Application Compatability Design Rules 1.0 pdf  
14-Jan-06 PSE52 Realtime Controller 1003.13-2003 System Product Standard 0.9 html  
25-Jan-05 POSIX Web Certification System Primer 2005-1  
25-Jan-05 POSIX Briefing January 2005 2005-1  
24-Jan-05 PSE54 POSIX Conformance Document Template 1.0 txt  
24-Jan-05 PSE54 Multipurpose Conformance Statement Questionnaire 1.0 html  
Recent Review Documents  
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