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The original SNIA Open Source Java CIMOM project moved its original home in the Storage Networking Industry Association to The Open Group. It eventually became clear that the individual implementations in use by various developers had significantly diverged from the original common source base , and there was no community consensus available to undertake the by now large task of merging them back into a new common source base.

The project should now be considered inactive. It is NOT recommended for use in new projects. The CVS repository, an archive of the bug list, and the mailing list archive are being maintained solely for historical interest.

The client portion of the original SNIA CIMOM project is still being developed and maintained as part of the OpenPegasus project. It can be found in the project's CVS repository as a separate module called pegasus-JavaCIMClient.

An alternative open source Java implementation of CIM/WBEM ican be found atthe Java WBEM Services project.

If you have any questions, please contact Martin Kirk.

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